Camping: Glamis Castle

Camping: Glamis Castle

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Camping GLAMIS Per unit per night
£20 (£15)

Camping: for tents, caravans and motorhomes (1x unit) is available (from Thursday to Sunday 3 nights max) at the venue in front of the Castle right next to the start/finish area. Please enter your arrival and departure day/date below.

Camping includes access to cafe, restaurant, gift shop, toilets (during daily open hours).

Portable toilets will be available over the weekend for use outside castle opening hours.  Please use the public toilets in the castle during opening hours.  We strongly advise you to bring your own sanitation facilities for overnight use. 

Facilities include: fresh water, waste water and an abundance of space to exercise your dogs. Access to the course will be restricted to set times outside of racing.  There are no showers. Elsan drop point is NOT AVAILABLE  please remove all chemical toilet waste with you

Max number of people per pitch: 6

ALL DOGS TO BE KEPT ON A LEAD AT ALL TIMES WITHIN THE CASTLE GROUNDS.  The Glamis Estate is home to some rare species of both birds and mammels, in addition to farming and game interests.  Please do nothing that endangers or inteferes with wildlife, livestock or daily workings of the estate.   Access to the course and non-public areas of the estate will be restricted - please check at the event when course walking is available.  Please do not use bicycles within the castle grounds except to visit the village via the main drive (no bikejor or wheeled sports anywhere on the estate) 

Camping is at your own risk.

NB This offer is only available to entrants in the CaniX event and their supporters.

When you complete and pay for your order, please print the receipt and bring it to the event.

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