Virtual End to End Challenge 874

Virtual End to End Challenge 874

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 Complete the challenge over any 12 month period of time from purchase until 31/12/21,  Walk, Jog, or Run a minimum of 874 miles .   Record your walks/runs using an appropriate app eg. Strava, Garmin.  Once you have acculmulated the required distance submit your evidence to  (DEADLINE FOR FINAL SUBMISSION 05/01/2022)  

Land's End to John oGroats is the traversal of the whole length of the island of Great Britain between two extremities, in the southwest and northeast. 

Whilst you may wish to record your evidence in km, ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE ADDED UP AND  INCLUDE A TOTAL DISTANCE IN MILES

ScreenShots or links to Strava or Garmin Connect accepted, Including weekly/ monthly totals etc.   You may find it easier to record runs on one app and walks on another to give totals over the required time.  

Evidence can be counted towards this challenge that has also been submitted for one of our other challenges/ virtual races/ or actual races.   

A minimum  of 20% of the entry fee will be donated to Charity 

ALL PARTICIPANTS WHO COMPLETE THE DISTANCE AND SUBMIT THEIR EVIDENCE BEFORE THE DEADLINE WILL RECIEVE THE PARTICIPANTS PLAQUE BY POST.  As the plaque is personalised with your name and dogs names please include this information in your evidence submission.  In addition we will also send out spot prizes in the following categories - submit your photos with evidence (These Photos may be used on our social media streams) 

sunsets and sunrises

Happy Dog

Something you would do at the seaside ......

++  For all challenges please choose routes that are suitable for dogs, use suitable equipment and carry water (+ nutrition) and first aid kits.   If the weather is warm consider going early, using a shaded route with access to water or leaving your dog safe at home.  Dogs should be trained for the distances undertaken. You will need to complete an average of 72 miles per month, or 2.5 miles per day to complete the challenge.   It is aniticipated that some of the runs/walks will be dogless to allow dogs to rest, recuperate and avoid injury - your dogs health is priority.    All participants do so at their own risk.  If you or your dog are new to exercise or have underlying medical conditions consider seeking medical advice from GP and VET before entering this challenge.  

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