CaniX Treasure Hunt

CaniX Treasure Hunt

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New, Fantastic and Fun event To take place over the weekend of  6th and 7th February 2021 (run Either Day) 


You have 90 minutes to complete your mission to find and photograph the 10 items on a list that will be published at 7pm on Friday 5th  February.  All Runs must be recorded using an app that shows distance and ELAPSED time.   Evidence must be emailed to before 23:59 Sunday 7th Feb, and should include the photographs, time and distance travelled.   Results will be announced online on Tuesday 9th Feb at 8pm.  

All participants will recieve the CaniX Treasure Hunt Participants Medal.   1st to 3rd Trophies will be awarded to, each CaniX age catagory based on finding all 10 items and completing a course in the shortest distance.    Should an Tie Break occur regarding distance, the trophy will be awarded to the person with the fastest time.  Special Awards will be given to longest distance completed and most creative photographs based on theme given.   

All photographs must be taken within the 90 minutes from the time that you start running.   Items to find will be suitable for a canicross run in parks, forest and trails. Examples of items you might be asked to find are, a footpath sign, an oak tree etc.  

Once you the list of items has been released on Friday evening you will need to plan your route.   Choose a suitable route, that meets the Government requirements for Covid-19/ Social Distancing for your region at the time of the event.  Please choose a route that is suitable for completing with a dog(s), and consider time of day, access to water etc. The route may be flat or undulating.   Use of a runner or cyclist as a "lure" is not considered to be in the spirit of the event.   

Class Change.  You can change class on the day eg 2 dog to one dog - please state change of class with sub-mission of results.   Age Class will be determined by age on the day of the event

CUBS AND JUNIOR EVENT ENTRY HERE:   The cubs and Junior event will be over 45 minutes elapsed time with 5 items to find.  

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