24/04/10 Pembrey CaniX (member)

24/04/10 Pembrey CaniX (member)

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ENTRY FEES 1-day (2-day)
19 age classes
Non-members Members
CaniX Adult 17+
£18 (£32.40)
£12 (21.60)
CaniX Under 17 £9 (£16.20)
£6 (£10.80)
Bikejor 17+ (limited to 30)
£18 (32.40)
£12 (£21.60)
Camping (inc. free entrance to park normally £4)    
- tent £5 pppn £4.50 pppn
- motorhome/van/caravan £20 p unit pn £18 p unit pn

Click on one of the above to select member or non-member entry fee.

Date: SATURDAY 24 April 2010
Venue: Pembrey Forest, Pembrey,
Carmarthenshire, S Wales

Closing date: Monday, 19 April

NB This entry form is for Saturday only. If entering both days you will need to complete an entry form for both days: click here for Sunday's entry form.

Your receipt for payment is confirmation of your entry. You will receive an email a few days before the event with directions and last minute info.

Timetable (unless otherwise stated)
• Registration, bibs and individual start times: 9:00 - 10:00am (9:45 if Bikejor)
• Race briefing: 9:30am (all must attend)
• First CaniX runner off: 10:30am (10:00 if Bikejor)
• Prizegiving: following the event normally 1pm (goody bag for all)

Charity sponsorship/donation
We encourage competitors to run for their chosen charity and/or include a small donation to the charity CaniX UK has chosen to support (featured charity: Hearing Dogs for Deaf People). Donations do not have to be large (we recommend no more than £1) – as a group this will raise a significant amount of money. If you intend to get sponsorship for this event, please tell us which charity you are running for and download sponsorship forms from the website. After the event, please email us with how much you raised.


Product Options:

Are you entering both days
Donation (to Hearing Dogs)

Product Code: EVT0910X200CAM

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